Here's a little about me

I'm a student at Purdue University, studying Web Development & Design. I've Interned at Abbott Laboratories for two consecutive years in their Web Production Department, and I'm currently an intern at Proof Digital, a Web Marketing and SEO Company.


I prefer to code from scratch, and focus on finding new intuitive ways to display information. When designing, I enjoy creating simplistic sites and products that are pleasing to the eye

I love learning new frameworks and design styles, and I push myself to stay up to date on all new web technologies. I'm currently taking a course in Fullstack React Development to improve my React skills and have the opportunity to expand from front-end to full-stack.

Outside of my studies I run a blog on Instagram called juliacodes. I use this platform to connect with other developers and programmers, share tips, and help new students begin programming.

As this blog has continued to grow to over 30k followers, I've decided to begin currating my own front end development tutorials and documentation which will soon be available at codewithjulia.codes

In regards to personal projects, I'm currently in the process of designing and developing a full stack web application called Prodigal. This app will be a completely new spin on personal finance applications.